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The Universe Is Bigger
than Anyone Imagined.
Join us as we investigate the supernatural, paranormal, and impossible
The Secrets of the
Unseen World Await You!
You will participate in actual spirit circles, paranormal experiments, and psychic readings.
Develop Your Skills
While Having a Great Time
Each adventure with experience shadows is hosted by recognized authorities in the paranormal, psychic, hypnosis, the occult, spiritual, and more!

Learn from Experts

Experience Shadows is composed of some the leading authorities of the esoteric. Our members include: parapsychologists, hypnotists, occultists, mediums, magicians, and other paranormal practitioners and teachers!

Vince Wilson

Parapsychologist, paranormalist, and séance authorityRead more

The Eckharts

Celebrity Occultists and experts in the supernaturalRead more

Christopher Bogucki

Philosopher of mind, magick, and mysteryRead more

Cara Hamilton

Astrologer, medium, and psychic advisorRead more


Mar 21 – Apr 19


Apr 20 – May 20


May 21 – Jun 20


Jun 21 – Jul 22


Jul 23 – Aug 22


Aug 23 – Sep 22


Sep 23 – Oct 22


Oct 23 – Nov 21


Nov 22 – Dec 21


Dec 22 – Jan 19


Jan 20 – Feb 18


Feb 19 – Mar 20

What’s Your Preference?

Have a one on one Tarot, Rune, Palmistry, Tea Reading, Horoscope, or other psychic reading with our experienced experts at Experience Shadows!

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Your Paranormal

A Reality of Myth and Legends!

Here at Experience Shadows, we focus on investigating beyond “ghost hunting“.

Go beyond mind and body as we conduct safe and protected séances, psychic readings, paranormal investigations, and supernatural adventures into mystery!


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I came to Alice because I had some problems in private life. She created my personal horoscope and interpreted my natal chart concerning the issues I worried about. Sometimes it is important to know that all your problems can be solved.

Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie


I found my consultation with Alice more meaningful and useful than those provided by other astrologers. The way she synthesizes information from a variety of different sources provides a complete picture of possible answers.

Maya Gabriella

Maya Gabriella


As an experienced astrologer myself, I’ve looked at my chart many times, but Alice gave me a brand-new perspective on the problem areas. Moreover she did this with great insight, delicacy and clarity. I am very grateful for that.

Avery Mia

Avery Mia

Los Angeles

I came to consultation, because I was puzzled with current life situation and Alice gave me clear ways to develop, and a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further problems. Some things she said became a much-needed insight for me.

Clara Jenkins

Clara Jenkins


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