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The Eckharts

Celebrity Occultists
Brief info

The Eckharts are séance hosts and experts, obsessed with exploring what lies beyond the veil. Often referred to as “celebrity occultists", the Eckharts strive to share their love of the paranormal by showing that spirit communication can be exciting, mystical, and ultimately accessible to us all.

Kat is a medium who receives messages from spirits through entering into an altered state of consciousness to receive messages through her body. She is the main connection to the spirit world.

Dan is a psychic who receives intuitive impressions from séance participants. He is facilitates the séance and is the main connection to the sitters. Together, they summon spirits and convey their messages.

In their séances, the Eckharts share some of their most impactful ghost stories, facilitate spirit contact through traditional techniques such as crystal moving on a spirit board, and demonstrate unnervingly accurate mediumship.